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Some people call this place the Residence of the Immortals.  You can find it at Seven Stars Park

Can you tell the difference between stalactites and stalagmites?  Watch and learn

Are you a spelunker or a caver?  Read more and find out

Guilin sits on the banks of the Li River, surrounded by dramatic karst peaks and flowering gardens.  Where is it?

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The coldest temperature ever recorded here was -63 degrees F.  Learn more about this dramatic spot

Trumpeter swans, the biggest waterfowl in North America, aren't the only amazing creatures to call this place home.  Watch and see where they live

This dramatic landscape inspired one of America's favorite photographers.  Meet Ansel Adams

Swamps, glaciers, forests, mountains, rivers, and more — this place has it all.  Where is it?

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Over 4 million people live here in one of the world's most expensive, sophisticated cities.  Not bad for a former penal colony

Is this the world's largest lightning rod?  No, but it is Sydney's tallest free-standing structure

Men have long sought to harness the powers of lightning – and one man actually succeeded.  It's pronounced Fronk-en-STEEN

The Sydney Tower isn't the only interesting landmark in these parts.  See what else this picturesque city has to offer

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Blue-footed boobies roam the Pacific, from southern California to northern Peru.  These two are hanging out on the Galápagos Islands

These birds are so naturally tame that mariners called them boobies (which used to mean ‘dummies').  Learn more about them

When it's time to mate, the booby with the bluest feet wins the girl.  Watch and learn about blue-footed boobies

These birds aren't the only creatures that live in one of the world's most famous wildlife sanctuaries.  Where are the Galápagos Islands, anyway?

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This little outcropping belongs to the Republic of the Seychelles.  Learn more about this ocean paradise

Scuba divers around the world come to the Seychelles to swim with giant tortoises.  Watch and see what other creatures swim these waters

Aldabra giant tortoises live here in the Aldabra atoll; they can weigh up to 750 lbs and live for over 100 years.  Watch them go

The Republic of the Seychelles is a small cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Africa.  See it for yourself

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